Anne Summa

What We Do

At Migration Marketing, we eat, sleep, and breathe social. We serve as our clients’ unequivocal social media experts. We understand the latest trends and their broader impact on the digital landscape, and continually evolve your social platforms to ensure maximum “effectiveness”.  In today’s ever-changing environment, Migration Marketing elevates your brand’s social presence and takes it to new heights.

Our Story

A little moxie goes a long way. That’s why in 2011, Anne Summa quit her agency job, bid farewell to Chicago winters, and migrated West to the California sunshine. Anne began consulting, and after working across a variety of clients, noticed a lot of them struggling with how to leverage social media. Anne’s passion for helping brands big and small excel led to the formation of Migration Marketing in 2015. Prior to establishing Migration Marketing, Anne worked for 15+ years at roster agencies in New York, Chicago and San Diego. She spent the majority of her career in account management working with clients including Procter & Gamble, Target, Wrigley, Sony, and Samsung to name a few.