Anne Summa

Our Difference

Working with big agencies can be overwhelming – and expensive. The overhead costs associated with staffing can leave clients with little to show for their investment. Migration Marketing is made up entirely of marketing consultants,  We bring in consultants based on your specific business needs, which allows us to be extremely flexible. That also means the person you talk to on our first call is the same person who will be working on your business.

We know budgets and timelines can change with little notice. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to sitting down one-on-one with our clients and making sure we understand the scope and scale of any work before agreeing to take on an assignment. We ensure our services are the right fit and we customize our recommendations to align with your timing, budget and business objectives.


Our Story

We are a team of senior-level marketing consultants with decades of experience in building national consumer brands. We’ve worked in global ad agencies as well as on the corporate client side. We’ve partnered with Fortune 500 brands and startups alike. Somewhere along the way, we all decided to leave big agency life and pursue our collective dream of running an independent, women-owned and operated consultancy. We are the doers, the hustlers, the dreamers devoted to creating smart, insight-driven work that WORKS.