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Arcane Beverages, a startup nootropic energy drink, had finalized product development but needed to create a brand in order to first attract investors, then consumers. Efforts had to take into account that the new brand would be competing with the likes of Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster Energy.


Migration Marketing completed a comprehensive assessment of the energy and nootropic drinks category, carving out a white space from which to uniquely position Arcane. We then brought the brand to life both visually and verbally through packaging, web design, and sales materials, capturing all branding cues and rules in a style guide. A synthesis of significant market research conducted by Migration Marketing, along with Arcane’s comprehensive go-to-market strategy, were also compiled into an striking investor presentation.


Arcane successfully secured their seed funding and is currently being sold in select retail locations and online.

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Arcane's logo is known as the Arcane Trinity.
It represents the combination of mind, body and emotions functioning together at peak capacity.

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