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A group of private investors approached us to come up with a name and build a visual identity for their new recovery center concept. Right away, the investors knew they wanted a brand that would encompass their holistic approach to wellness with a name flexible enough to allow for expansion into other business spaces.


Developing a good company name takes time and thoughtful consideration. The name needs to be distinct, memorable, unique to the category, and appealing to a variety of audiences. Additionally, a name often tells a story about the company, reflects what sets it apart, and conveys what make it unique in the marketplace.

We started with an analysis of other companies with a similar offering to see how they were positioned. From there, we began the brainstorming process and generated a master list of names, which we then edited to a shortlist. We then selected a handful of names to go through our screening process before a final presentation and recommendation to the client.

Once the client selected a name, we were able to begin the branding exercise. We explored a variety of fonts, type treatments, and color palettes before ultimately landing on a visual identity that felt fitting for the brand.


The Trifecta recovery center rollout is currently underway with the first locations slated to open this year in Costa Mesa.

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Cool & Calm Color Palette

The investors knew they wanted a brand that would encompass their holistic approach to wellness.

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