The Situation: RE:DEFINED is an online community focused on helping women learn how to take care of their mind, body, and spirit. Senior leadership initially enlisted Migration Marketing for assistance with their social media. After an introductory call, we recommended a shift to focus on development of an overall marketing strategy and goals for the year ahead.

The Solution: The first step was to gather all of the data RE:DEFINED had on their existing marketing efforts. A marketing strategy and analytics plan was developed including what metrics to track and how to analyze the results and apply them to the business.

The Results: RE:DEFINED immediately implemented the plan and executed a number of tracking services to better understand what marketing efforts were working. They learned how to focus their marketing dollars moving forward and, most importantly, learned how to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.  RE:DEFINED now has a clear plan for measuring the effectiveness of their marketing and can project what the anticipated ROI should be for every dollar spent.